Building protection, Supply air filter
Buildings protection, Hepa Air Filter
Building protection, Supply air filter
Building protection, Supply air filter
Ulpa air filter
Cabin air filter

Secure solutions for
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Lifa 3G HEPAeSORB Filters guarantee 100% microbe-killing efficiency against diseases such as H1N1, SARS, Legionella, Tuberculosis etc. It also has HEPA filter efficiency against particulates and moreover 95% efficiency against most low vapor gases. All this with less than 70Pa pressure drop.
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Building protection, Supply air filter
Particle sizes (micrometres)

Building protection, Supply air filter


06/2008 AirSecure open seminar 10.6.2008 in Belgium Brussel

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AIRSECURE filtration system solution to protect airports and other buildings against airborne CBR hazards

Lifa Air has coordinated a pan-European project that has resulted in a new detection and filtration system for protecting airports against airborne chemical, biological, and radiological hazards known as AIRSECURE.
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Progalva starts as a new Lifa representative for France.
Progalva is one of the leading whole sale suppliers in France for the specialist maintenance equipment in water hygiene and fire and flood damage restoration industry.
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Lifa Air – a major contributor to academic research. Two innovative indoor air quality studies will be presented at the Clima 2007 Conference

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AirSecure - Risk-based detection and protective filtration systems for airports
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Zephyr - air purifier for the workstation
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Lifa 3G filters prevent spreading of Bird flu, Legionella, SARS, Tuberculosis and other airborne threats
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Lifa Air teams up with Surbana Technologies.
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Exis Ab from Stockholm has joined Lifa 3G Filters representative network.
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Lifa Air and Halton Marine integrated their knowledge and products in ship ventilation
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Easy and economical solution for secondary smoke problems

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