Smoke Filter
(Lifa EX 3G Filter)


Everyone is entitled to smoke-free indoor air
The requirements for indoor air quality are getting more stringent all the time, particularly in public spaces and restaurants. Tobacco smoke irritates both non-smoking and smoking clients, patrons and employees. It contains over 100 compounds known to be harmful to the health, over forty of which are classified as carcinogens. Secondary smoke contains the same irritating and toxic substances – in equal measure – as primary smoke.

Secondary smoke, otherwise known as passive smoking, causes inflammatory alterations in respiratory passages which can lead to respiratory disorders and asthma. Developed by LIFA for the needs of restaurants, the Tobacco Smoke Eraser effectively removes tobacco smoke (over 95%) from the indoor air of restaurants, without affecting the function of existing climate control systems.

  • Convenient: does not require alteration of climate control systems
  • Easy to maintain: LIFA filter changes are few and far between
  • Economical: lows initial purchase cost and low maintenance costs
  • Invisible: the quiet-running filter can be painted to match any décor
  • Effective: removes over 95% of gaseous and 99% of particulate impurities

    Smoke Filter, Smoke Filters

    Easy and economical solution for secondary smoke problems

    The LIFA Tobacco Smoke Eraser prevents air impurities from spreading in rooms and eliminates unpleasant tobacco smoke from the air. The LIFA filter can be installed as part of an exhaust air system or to recirculate filtered air back into the indoor space. Filtered air can also be used to increase patron comfort wherever necessary.

    The economical filter is suitable for all types of restaurants. The filter is available in two sizes depending on filtration requirements. The Smoke Eraser runs quietly and can easily be hidden away or painted to match any décor – the only evidence of its existence being purer indoor air.

    Smoke Filter, Smoke Filters The LIFA 3G filter consists of a particulate impurities section and integrated gas filter. In the left picture is an unused LIFA 3G, in the right a tobacco smoke filter after four months of use; this filter still cleaned the indoor air to 98%.
    New Lifa 3G -tobacco
    smoke filter
    Lifa 3G -tobacco smoke
    filter – used 4 months

    Case study – Restaurant Åbo, Helsinki:

    • During a period of four months, the filter installed at the restaurant (filter face area 1,2 m2) collected over 200 g in solids and harmful gases, such as dust, tar, nicotine, toluene and benzene.
    • Restaurant employees and patrons noticed a significant improvement in the air quality of the smoking section and did not want to give up use of the filter.
    • Restaurant clients were clearly more satisfied with the air quality while the Smoke Eraser was running.
    Smoke Filter, Smoke Filters

    LIFA 3G -tobacco smoke filter
    LIFA Tobacco Smoke Eraser – two sizes:
    Airflow 120 l/s, 432 m3/h 240 l/s, 1080 m3/h
    99% /95% 99% /95%
    Dimensions 870x370x370 mm 1050x650x550 mm

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