High security air filter, Ulpa air filter
Ulpa air filter, Ulpa air filters
Ulpa air filter, High security air filters
High security air filter, Ulpa air filter
Ulpa air filter, Ulpa filter

High Security Air Filter
(Lifa HS 3G Filter)

The LIFA High Security Filter system is specifically designed to provide protection against both biological and chemical agents.

  • Efficient filtration system –  >99.999% for 0.1 µm sized particles
  • High filtration efficiency for gases   >99.999%
  • Equipped with the tested and proven nanoelectric UV light
  • LIFA 3G Filter acts as a pre-filter to extend the service life of the active carbon filter
  • NBC active carbon filters can be tailormade to protect against various types of gaseous contaminants

What kind of indoor air do you want to breathe?

“Clean” air brought in from outside to freshen indoor air brings with it lots of invisible impurities: nitrogen emissions from traffic, allergens and VOCs.
The problem is that generally available filters are not
sufficient to remove such impurities from indoor air.

LIFA is the only solution for high protection with low pressure loss

Though it is possible to achieve a degree of protection from airborne contaminants with conventional air filtration, the normal particulate air filters in HVAC systems are nevertheless quite inefficient against possible biological attacks and they do not protect at all against vapours or gases. The gases and vapours typical of chemical attacks require adsorbent filters (i.e. activated carbon or other sorbent-type media) and upgrading a conventional filtration system is not as simple as merely replacing a low-efficiency filter with a higher efficiency one. This is because conventional higher efficiency particle filters have a high pressure loss that results in airflow reduction and inadequate ventilation, with potentially serious repercussions for indoor air quality. LIFA’s innovative high efficiency, low flow resistance air filtration system offers the only cost-effective and powerful method of protection against biological and chemical attacks.

Loading with diesel exhaust fumes challenge concentration 1 mg/m3

Conventional particle filters have dramatically high pressure loss
compared to LIFA’s solution with pressure loss close to zero.

The multi-stage filtration consists of 3G Filter, which removes most of the particulate and gaseous pollutants. Then the polluted air passes through another 3G filter, which retains the finest impurities, solid and liquid as well as radioactive particles. Optional ultraviolet (UV) lights are used to destroy bacteria collected on the particle filter media. The air flows then through the NBC activated carbon filter, which can adsorb gases by physical and chemical action. A centrifugal fan compensates the pressure drop caused by all filters. The Lifa 3G Filter is used as a pre-filter to reduce clogging and loading of the NBC-filter thus allowing continuous protection of the occupants.

Lifa HS 3G Filter
High Security Mobile in Army command tent

Specifications of Lifa High Security Air Filter

  • 3G High Security Air Filter units that can be moved
  • with blower/fan
  • buildings etc.

Product name
LIFA HS M 3G 450
LIFA HS K 3G 450
Size (exterior) mm 550*750*1050 550*550*1500
Prefilter EU 3 EU 3
UV-light 50 mW/cm2 70 mW/cm2
Charger 10 W 20 W
Voltage 6-10 kV 6-10 kV
3G Filter bag mm particle/active carbon 450*450*293 particle/active carbon 450*450*400
Blower 0,225 kW 2700 1/min
3G Filter bag mm particle/active carbon 450*450*93 particle/active carbon 450*450*200
2. filter mm NBC 450*450*200 NBC 450*450*200
Technical information
Airflow 200 l/s (app.) 400 l/s (app.)
720 m3/h 1440 m3/h
424 CFM 848 CFM
Efficiency particles/gases 99,99% / 99,99% 99,99% / 99,99%
Frame cart sealed box

  • Filtration solutions are equipped either with fixed stump (model k)
    or wheels (model m)
  • System can be installed as an integrated part of the ventilation system or as a separate unit to filtrate and circulate indoor air
  • System (model k) can work simultaneously as an as an integrated part of the ventilation system and as a unit to filtrate and circulate indoor air
  • When system is installed as a part of the ventilation system, there is no prefiltrer
  • System has an own blower in each unit
  • System has to be connected to electricity
  • System is equipped also with NBC carbon filter
  • Filtration efficiency has been measured for particles (> 0,1 µm) and gases
  • UV-light can be installed as an accessory
  • Systems are EMC protected
  • When the system is equipped with UV-ligths then the letters UV will be added to the end of product name

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