Designed for superior filtration

The LIFA 3G Filters and LIFA High Security Filters prevent the spread of airborne contaminants by effectively removing harmful particles from the supply air. Figure 1 shows how easily harmful contaminants can spread through a building that is not equipped with an efficient filtration system (a), and how effectively LIFA’s filters stop the spread of these harmful contaminants (b).

Figure 1.

Flexible filter placement

The LIFA 3G Filters and LIFA High Security Filters operate with a low pressure drop, permitting easy installation without the need for expensive modifications to existing HVAC systems. Units can be installed at the point of entry to target specific rooms. Mobile units are also available for hospitals and other emergency purposes.

Unique multistage filtration

The new technology increases filtration efficiency by combining an electrostatically charged filter with both a particle charging section and a gas filter made of activated carbon media (figure 2). A nanoelectric UV light can be added to the system to effectively destroy any airborne virus or bacteria, even small molecules.

Firure 2.

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