Newsletter 06/2008

AirSecure open seminar 10.6.2008 in Belgium Brussel, Paleis der Academiën, Hertogsstraat 1. The implementation of the Airsecure system and awareness of its need is promoted, and practical experience with its implementation is discussed.

For more information (pdf attachment here), or please contact Mrs. Dunya van Troost at TNO Defence, Security and Safety by email at info(at)

Newsletter 02/2008

"AIRSECURE filtration system solution to protect airports and other buildings against airborne CBR hazards"

Lifa Air has coordinated a pan-European project that has resulted in a new detection and filtration system for protecting airports against airborne chemical, biological, and radiological hazards known as AIRSECURE.

The two-year project, launched in September 2005, has resulted in a high-security detection and filtration solution to combat chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) threats. The modular AIRSECURE concept combines risk assessment with advanced detection and filtration, and can be easily integrated into existing air control systems.

The new system overcomes the problems associated with using traditional technology to provide high-efficiency filtration – which is generally recognised as the best protection against airborne CBR hazards – as this technology normally requires large and expensive modifications to existing air supply systems.

Working with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Lifa Air has developed advanced low flow resistance, high-efficiency supply air filters that are small and easy to install, yet still capable of removing both particulate and gaseous contaminants from supply air – without extensive modifications.

The new technology combines an electrostatically charged filter with a particle charging section and a gas filter made of activated carbon to create a unit that has hardly any impact on the airflow or pressure of an existing ventilation system.

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Newsletter 12/2007

Progalva starts as a new Lifa representative for France.

Progalva is one of the leading whole sale suppliers in France for the specialist maintenance equipment in water hygiene and fire and flood damage restoration industry. By joining forces and know-how Progalva moves more in depth into the field of air hygiene and ventilation cleaning, and Lifa Air receives the know-how in respect to water hygiene. More detailed information from and the attached pdf.

Newsletter 05/2007

Lifa Air – a major contributor to academic research. Two innovative indoor air quality studies will be presented at the Clima 2007 Conference

Helsinki, 10.05.2007 – LIFA AIR Ltd will be presenting 2 scientific studies in Clima 2007 Conference in Helsinki from 10-13 June 2007. The conference is the most significant event of the year in the indoor air quality field ¬– both for academic and business groups. The conference will focus on using scientific data to find practical solutions for the improvement of indoor air quality – and to highlight the crucial role that clean indoor air plays in securing healthier living.

LIFA AIR Ltd has been an active supporter of the two studies that will be presented at the conference – both in terms of funding and expertise. These studies contribute significantly to the ongoing discussion and current understanding of the importance of clean indoor air, and especially the importance of ultrafine particles and how to reduce them significantly. Furthermore we are continuing our active role in several other technical papers and by attending several work shops during the conference.

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Newsletter 03/2006

Zephyr - air purifier for the workstation

Many people suffer from poor indoor air quality – not only people suffering from allergies, but also healthy people working in spaces where air quality is poor for various reasons. To address these needs, Martela has developed, in co-operation with the Finnish company Lifa Air Ltd, an anti-allergy workstation that provides clean air and significantly improves working conditions.

The air purifier, which can be integrated into office furniture, cleans the air more efficiently than conventional air conditioners and their filters. The air conditioning system can be installed in the workstation and provides a personal zone of clean air, removing even the tiniest particles from the inhaled air. The system is the most efficient for cleaning the physical, chemical and biological irritants from the air of conventional office spaces. A single anti-allergy workstation provides clean breathing air for up to four people. The clean air zone consists of the air purifier unit, the clean air supply and the air removal system

Newsletter 10/2005

Lifa 3G filters prevent spreading of Bird flu, Legionella, SARS, Tuberculosis and other airborne threats

The rapidly spreading microbial diseases have created a growing demand of solutions that protect against airborne bacteria and viruses in residences, hospitals and offices. Finnish Lifa Air Ltd. produces devices and processes that guarantee good indoor air quality.

Analysts believe that the speed and efficiency of modern media has strengthened the fear of Avian influenza i.e. Bird Flu or other diseases, therefore ordinary people feel uncertain about what to do in the face of a new disease. Since people yearn for normality again after/during any crisis, they also need to trust the systems that support the activities that make up their daily lives.

Lifa Air has developed filtering systems in cooperation with VTT Technical Research Center of Finland and Hong Kong University of Technology. "Lifa Air's new filtering systems are able to remove all microbes and diseases from supply air and provide continuous protection in hospitals and other buildings," says Lifa Air's Marketing Director Kimmo Haapalainen.

Lifa Air has patented two technologies that are Lifa 3G Filter and Lifa High Security Filter. The advantage of Lifa Air's solutions over its competitors is low loss of pressure (low air flow resistance) in the incoming air. The filtration unit can be set, for example, in one floor or even in one apartment of a mechanically air-conditioned apartment house without interfering the flow of air. This means that no costly adjustments to main HVAC unit are required.

Furthermore, Lifa Air has developed a special version of its filtering system that can filter, in addition to biological airborne hazards, also chemical war agents and nerve gases. The recent events in Iraq and the fear of terrorism have increased the demand for filters with such capabilities. "Because our solution doesn’t cost arms and legs and provides continuous protection, it has been adapted as an ideal solution for everyone’s right to breath good indoor air", says Haapalainen.

Lifa Air Ltd. was founded in 1988 and has nowadays subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Dubai and New York. More about Lifa Air Ltd:
More about 3G Filters:

More information
Vesa Mäkipää
Lifa Air IAQ Ltd
+358 50 63696

More about Avian influenza, SARS and other airborne diseases:
World Health Organization:

Newsletter 10/2005

Lifa Air teams up with Surbana Technologies.

Lifa Air signed a MOU with Surbana Technologies Pte Ltd in Singapore to provide filtration technology solutions for large scale building projects. The companies are teaming up to develop and implement cutting edge technology solutions for well performing buildings and to jointly explore business opportunities in Surbana's key international markets.

Surbana has more than 25 years of domain expertise in providing technology solutions for large scale townships. For more than 40 years it has played a prominent role in Singapore's nation building, creating 26 successful townships. Surbana has also exported its expertise to various countries across Asia such as China, India, South-East Asia as well as the Middle East.

The signing of the MOU was witnessed by Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports and Minister of State for Trade and Industry, and Ms Mari Kiviniemi, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development of Finland.

Commenting on the joint collaboration, Mr Louis Tay, Managing Director of Surbana Technologies said, "We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our Finnish counterparts. The joint collaboration will allow Surbana Technologies to tap on the state-of-art research and expertise of the Finnish research institutes in the area of energy efficient and well performing green building designs. The collaboration not only enhances our capabilities in this field, it is in line with the company's vision to provide technology solutions for the townships and facilities of the future."

Mr Vesa Makipaa the President of Lifa Air Ltd highlighted, "As we strive to improve standards of indoor air quality, we will together provide a pollutant-free future for our clients. This assurance of a cleaner indoor environment will no doubt result in improved health and increased productivity."

More information

Vesa Mäkipää
Lifa Air IAQ Ltd
+358 50 63696

Newsletter 07/2005

Exis Ab from Stockholm has joined Lifa 3G Filters representative network.

By signing the exclusive distribution agreement for Sweden both parties are confident to benefit from each others knowledge and contact network.

Exis Ab is specialised on products related to sampling and measurement of particles and gases both indoor and outdoor air quality measurements. They have extensive experience and knowledge especially in automotive industry and governmental organisations.

First EX-300 units have already been installed into Swedish restaurants.

Contact information:
ExIS AB / Peter Ahlvik or Lars Eriksson
Floragatan 10B, SE-114 31, Stockholm, SWEDEN
Phone: +46-8-550 970 96
Mobile: +46-73-944 34 01
Fax: +46-8-411 14 43

LIFA AIR and HALTON MARINE integrated their knowledge and products in ship ventilation

Airborne diseases, such as SARS, Legionella and Tuberculosis, and recently substantially increased potential threat of biological or chemical terrorist attacks, have also increased the need for a safe Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution. Halton Marine, the world's leading suppliers of marine and offshore HVAC equipment, rises to the challenge by signing a distribution agreement with a Finnish-based company Oy Lifa Air Ltd.

Over the past years Oy Lifa Air Ltd. has systematically developed in co-operation with Technical Research Centre of Finland, VTT, advanced low flow-resistance, high efficiency Lifa supply air filters which are capable for removing both particulate and gaseous contaminants from the supply air, without extensive system modifications. The Lifa High Security Filter system is specifically designed to provide protection against both biological and chemical agents. Equipped with the Nanoelectric UV light, it is the only scientifically tested and proven filter solution to be effective against any airborne virus or bacteria, including sizes below 0,3 microns, far above the current industry practice and industry standards.

The Halton-Lifa High Security Filtering system can be installed as a stand-alone system in the supply air ductwork, or it can be integrated in Halton's MCM fancoils to remove and kill contaminants from the recycled air inside the cabins.

By signing the exclusive distribution agreement, Halton Marine brings to a market a revolutionary solution to further improve and protect the quality of indoor air in passenger ships, offshore platforms and vessels as well as in naval vessels.

For further information on Halton-Lifa High Security Filtering system contact Lifa Air Ltd. or Halton Marine.

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